SBG Express: I've got a ticket to ride

I mentioned it in my last post, and I'm officially announcing it here. My ticket is punched and I'm on board the SBG Express1 for the 2010-2011 school year!

I've spent the last few weeks reading and rereading several teachers' explanations and reflections on standards-based grading (including, but not limited to Shawn Cornally, Jason Buell, [...]

Ready for day 1

Despite the problems I've been having lately with my new position, I feel (mostly) ready to go for day one. As part of my continuing crusade against my previously poorly designed presentations and handouts, I decided to peruse what my blogosphere (the one in my aggregator) had to say about the matter. I found plenty [...]

Maslow's hierarchy of sorts

The Setting Where: Small classroom When: 6 hours (with a one hour lunch break) Environment: 15 other new hires Format: professional development lecture supported by PowerPoint PPT format: 87 slides. White background. Black text. Bullets. Bullets. Bullets. Text. Text. Text. Maslow's (modified) Hierarchy of Needs

If I don't have access to my room, colleagues who [...]

Don't worry (Just fake it)

New school, new district, new state, new region. I was hired at the end of May and moved to Connecticut the end of June. In mid to late July, I started my attempts to contact my new high school to get information about my new position. What is the curriculum? Who am I teaching it [...]