Keeping it short

Sharing is a Good Thing.

Reflecting on teaching & learning is a Good Thing.

Writing in this space is a great place to both share and reflect, yet as can easily be discovered by scrolling down this site's homepage, I haven't been writing much. I want to fix this, but I'm not too great at [...]

I got a job. I need some help.

While it's not exactly news at this point, I'm happy to announce that I'll be teaching Physics at the Connecticut River Academy, a public magnet school located in East Hartford, CT. I've been subbing and helping out at the school quite a bit since I was hired, and I'm pretty dern excited to teach there [...]

The "It's been awhile" update

So,'s been a while...

I'd better do an update, since a few things have happened since my last post

EdCamp CT

A few short months ago Dan Agins and I were attending EduCon in Philly when fellow Connecticutian Sarah Edson waltzed up nonchalantly and pitched,  "I think we should throw an EdCamp in [...]

Re:naming (Re:thinking)

For the last 32-ish months, this blog has been titled "Sustainably Digital." It was something I didn't spend much time coming up with. Basically, I was playing on the idea that if we want technology to become a regular part of the school environment, it needs to be implemented in a way that can be [...]

Summer thoughts

Summer...that magical time where I look forward to reading1, thinking, and relaxing...but in actuality it usually gets eaten up quickly by either Master's projects (last summer) or landscaping projects (this summer). Obviously my posting to this site has been drastically reduced the last couple months. There a few things floating around my head that I'll [...]

Unpacking the new home

I've made the jump to self-hosting. Since I'm a totally newbie at this whole self-hosting bit, I imagine you'll be seeing some modifications and tweaking done to the theme and sidebar over the next few weeks.1

I'm looking forward to the flexibility and other benefits of self-hosting while remaining somewhat apprehensive about the [...]

Maslow's hierarchy of sorts

The Setting Where: Small classroom When: 6 hours (with a one hour lunch break) Environment: 15 other new hires Format: professional development lecture supported by PowerPoint PPT format: 87 slides. White background. Black text. Bullets. Bullets. Bullets. Text. Text. Text. Maslow's (modified) Hierarchy of Needs

If I don't have access to my room, colleagues who [...]

Don't worry (Just fake it)

New school, new district, new state, new region. I was hired at the end of May and moved to Connecticut the end of June. In mid to late July, I started my attempts to contact my new high school to get information about my new position. What is the curriculum? Who am I teaching it [...]


I really didn't mean for this blog to take a summer vacation. It did, however. I guess I can't blame it. It moved from Michigan to Connecticut, unpacked way too many boxes, spent a lot of time sprucing up a new house, attempting to work on a Master's project, and trying to get back into [...]

No longer a Michigan resident

At approximately 8:00 am EDT today I will have officially turned in my Michigan resident permit. At approximately 8:00am EDT, I will cross into Ohio with no foreseeable return to Michigan, the state where I've spent my last 29.2888... years of my life.

A new adventure awaits!

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