[Update] Changing student perceptions flyers are rolling in!

Earlier this week I put out a request for people who identify as scientists, engineers, or as working in a technical field who also happen to identify as women or people of color to share a picture of themselves and a brief summary of what they do and who they are.

The response so far has [...]

Google Drive Lab Report Workflow

This year I've rolled out using Google Drive for all Physics lab reports. Several people have asked me what this looks like, so I thought I'd share. Feel free to suggest a better/easier methodology- this is something that's come together based on how I know how to use Google Drive, and I certainly don't know [...]

Announcing: SuperStorm Sandy Disaster Relief NYC Marathon of Oakdale, CT

This weekend hasn't gone quite as planned. The plan was to get into New York City on Friday, meet up with some friends, then cap off the weekend by running the NYC Marathon on Sunday. Unfortunately, the only part of that plan that came to fruition was getting into New York City on Friday.


Spring Break!

In the spirit of years gone by: Have a great one1!


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2 weeks later: myTEDxNYED

A major problem with public education is tradition. "This is just the way things are done here," is a refrain that I've heard many times in my own short career. One of my take-aways from TEDxNYED is this: The tools and services to make schools modern and relevant are available, but schools need to overcome [...]


I'm in New York City for the TEDxNYED conference which is focused on how new media and technology are shaping the future of education. I can't say enough about the speaker line-up. Many are people whose work and ideas I'm familiar with (Lawrence Lessig, Michael Wesch, George Siemens, David Wiley, & more), as well as [...]

Help a teacher out- Video shoutouts

Our district has been throwing around the term "21st century skills" an awful lot lately. What's more distressing is no one really is making any attempt to identify what that means (if anything at all). My vice-principal sent out an email saying he was planning a one hour professional development session to go over what [...]

Tim Gunn & the role of a teacher

As mentioned in previous posts, I've been spending a lot of time reading research and thinking about my Master's Project. I'm working on a self-directed learning1 unit in which students choose their own specific topics of study within a broad category (i.e. climate change) and follow their interests and passions while documenting and publishing their [...]

How can we fix this?

From Pedersen, Arslanyilmaz, & Williams (2007)1:

"However, as we began to scale up the program and teachers began to implement [the problem-based learning (PBL) unit] without our involvement, grading became an important issue and teachers wanted additional ‘‘gradable’’ products. They  requested two things in particular: an objective item test that could be used at [...]

A culture of criticism

Today is the first official day of summer vacation. The last several days I've been spending time reflecting back on my first year teaching in a new district. Though my primary concern in my reflection and personal improvement centers around my own curriculum and instruction, I've also been analyzing the new system and school culture [...]