Book Review: The Monsters of Education Technology

As background, here’s a brief summary of my relationship with Educational Technology, from c. 2003 to the present: Thanks to my Twitter Archive and apps like TimeHop, I’ve been frequently exposed to my EdTech Pollyanna stage. There sure were lots of excited exclamation points…

In the more recent past, I’ve been feeling a bit more like the EdTech [...]

Critiquing the CAPSS Recommendations for School Reform

I want to make my classroom the best learning environment possible. Most of my posts on this site focus on lessons, assessments, or ideas on how to improve the learning environment inside my classroom. Improving our individual teaching craft is one of the easiest places (not to say it's necessarily easy) as a teacher to [...]

Where I Stand: IWBs

Interactive White Boards, that is. Those technology pieces which are popping up in classrooms all over the world as part of the "modernization" of schools. Let me go on the record. I'm not a fan.

My own district invested heavily- IWBs are now in every classroom in the district and are the focus of the [...]