Just try to Golden Rule it out.

The internet can be a mean place. If you've spent literally any time on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or, you know, any other place on the Internet where humans can leave comments, you probably have noticed some negativity.

Jean Grae, the hip hop / r&b / etc. artist gives perhaps the simplest and most direct advice [...]

[Update] Changing student perceptions flyers are rolling in!

Earlier this week I put out a request for people who identify as scientists, engineers, or as working in a technical field who also happen to identify as women or people of color to share a picture of themselves and a brief summary of what they do and who they are.

The response so far has [...]

Your help needed: Changing student perceptions of who scientists are

Science is awesome. For so many reasons. Studying science and doing science is awesome for at least as many reasons. Yet, science is very often (unwittingly) presented as something that only men do. Especially white men.

If you've paged through science textbook1, there tend to be a lot of white dudes. Just think about the history [...]