Just try to Golden Rule it out.

The internet can be a mean place. If you've spent literally any time on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or, you know, any other place on the Internet where humans can leave comments, you probably have noticed some negativity.

Jean Grae, the hip hop / r&b / etc. artist gives perhaps the simplest and most direct advice to those who feel compelled to post those negative comments whilst on the Internet [WARNING: Salty language]:

"You Don't Have to Eat What's in the Picture."

Off her excellently titled album, "That's Not How You Do That Either: Yet Another Instructional Album for Adults" available for purchase at bandcamp.com.

Excerpted lyrics:

Took so many pictures, not to share them would be rude.


I was so happy we could share out night out on the town,
so I cropped them, filtered them, tilt-shifted them down,
then posted a caption that read “We live!
and please be a normal person; don’t comment negative.”

We had such a great time, and then I put the name of the restaurant
so you guys could have similar experiences if you’d like.

110 people posted likes.
And Maryanne, Thurman, Anna all reposted thrice.
But then some stupid dick who doesn’t know how to read
typed, “Four Roses is garbage. Eww! I’d have to leave.”

But you don’t have to drink what’s in the picture.
It’s a digital representation of my time.
Unless you get your nutrients from other people’s lives,
you don’t have to drink what’s in the picture.

Jean Grae (Polina Yamshchikov for NPR)

While discussing the song on NPR's podcast Microphone Check, Jean Grae notes:

Like nobody's going to force you to have that. But I think just putting these things — and I respond to people who do that all the time. And then they'll be like, "Well. Sorry." And I'm like, "Yeah. Just don't." Just Golden Rule it. Just try to Golden Rule it out.

Yup. That sounds like good advice.


[Yeah, this might be a bit off from what I usually post. But then again, I post so rarely, you could say I don't usually post at all. Feel free to consider this my addition to #digcit]