EduCon: Like being wrapped in a warm comforter

There's often concern expressed about events like EduCon or the group of people that we follow on Twitter as being an echo-chamber of similar ideas- where we all pat each other on the back for being the same. While that's a valid concern, for me, coming from my particular situation, it's invaluable to come together with a group of educators who are of a similar mind as myself.

The people were of all types, from all sorts of schools, filling all sorts of different roles, and yet there was this common thread: it was clear that we all cared about students and their learning first. This wasn't just a get-together of a group of far flung friends, it was a meeting of passionate like-minded individuals. What struck me most about the weekend was how strong the feeling of community was among this seemingly disparate group of educators. Despite the event lasting just over 2 days, there was a tangible sense of shared purpose. It was great to meet so many amazing educators.

It was like being wrapped in a warm comforter after being left out in the cold.