What Can You Do With This: Snow Banks

I'm not sure I have the readership to pull this off as effectively as Dan has, but I've been thinking about this one for awhile and suddenly found a great example of it literally in my front yard¹.

Just to clarify: Those are the snowbanks flanking both sides of the driveway. When I shovel I throw equal amounts of snow on both sides of the driveway. See Dan's original post for the instructions and leave your ideas in the comments. View high quality images of the snow banks here and here.

UPDATE: To clarify further, when I was finished shoveling, both snow banks were basically the same size and shape. Two days later, when these pictures were taken, they weren't.

UPDATE 2: See comments below for more explanation. The additional picture below might help guide the discussion about why the right snow bank has melted significantly more towards talking about the position of the Sun and the tilt of the Earth.


¹ It seems like I've been using Dan's ideas a lot here lately. I swear I'm not cyberstalking- good ideas are good ideas. When I saw the snowbanks I couldn't NOT play along with the meme.