My Tumblr (and why I need one)

In my travels through the InterTubes, I find many interesting, clever, fun, or intriguing items that just cry out to be shared.

You'd think since I have this fairly well-established blog (i.e. it's been in existence for >1 year) this would be the place to share. However, I like that this blog focuses pretty specifically on education related topics, yet so much of the good stuff I find isn't directly related to education.

Delicious (or Diigo)! Why not just bookmark it on one of these great social bookmarking sites I already use? Well...I would...but I use those tools to stash away items that I might like to revisit sometime in the future. It's cool stuff, but I don't really have any need to find it again.

Twitter! Of course Twitter is a great place to share this fun stuff. Yet Twitter is pretty lacking in the visual display department (i.e. pictures, videos, etc.), and it just doesn't seem to do many of these things justice.

And so I've created my own tumblog: WillyB's Schtuff

On it will be links to many of the fun, interesting, clever, and intriguing items that the 'tubes drop into my lap. Check it out.

As an aside, I've tried to integrate the tumblog's RSS feed into the sidebar or on another page on this blog, but have been unsuccessful so far. If you know how to easily do this I'd be grateful for the help.