Help a teacher out- Video shoutouts

Our district has been throwing around the term "21st century skills" an awful lot lately. What's more distressing is no one really is making any attempt to identify what that means (if anything at all). My vice-principal sent out an email saying he was planning a one hour professional development session to go over what that means. I mentioned in passing that's an area of particular interest for me1. So, now I'm co-presenting.

I'd love to have some of you share how you utilize technology in support of powerful pedagogy in your classrooms or schools. To do that, I'm going to steal a page from Dean Shareski who borrowed the format from Alan Levine2.

So, if you could submit a brief (~1 minute) video to me simply explaining how you use technology to take teaching and learning to the next level, I'd love to share it with some staff members who are just getting going on this technological journey.

If you could send the files to my email (ben [dot] wildeboer [at] gmail [dot] com) in whatever format is easiest for you, I'll share your videos with the participants and I'll share them online in some format (if you're okay with that).

If making a quick video clip isn't your thing, please light up the comments with your thoughts on this topic.

I hope to provide some teachers with examples of real educators using technology to take their students' learning to a better place. Thanks in advance!

cc licensed flickr photo shared by db*photography

  1. Not so much the whole "21st century skill" bit. I don't like the term and how loosely it's thrown around. I think of it more as, "Good teaching using available tools" But anyway...     (back)
  2. Thanks! I really appreciate it!  Check out their finished products (they're great): Alan Levine's and Dean Shareski's (back)