Annual Report 2008

I've taken Dan up on his Annual Report Contest this year. Luckily I'm just dorky enough to keep track of a few data sets of interest to me. I was also lucky to have a snow day today- otherwise these would probably not be complete. If they're a little hard to read click on them to view the full sized image.

UPDATE: I added a few of my observations/reflections in the comments. Check 'em out.

There you have it: 2008 in four slides. Feel free to make any inferences about my year from any of the data above. It'd be interesting to hear how clearly (or not) the data communicates aspects of the year. I'll point out a few things I found interesting in the comments in a couple days. Also, feel free to critique the design and such. I can take it.


Image Credits:

State Theater by william_couch (background for Movies)
This Pump has CLEARLY been on fire in the past by Jym Ferrier (background for Gasoline)