A couple quick links

I haven't had nearly as much time to think or write about my Master's Project as I'd like. However, a couple quick links to people who seem to be thinking along similar lines:

1. Scott Meech at Tech & Learning

Scott describes 5 steps toward using technology as an environment for learning (and identifies popular and his own picks for tools to aid in each step):

  1. Researching
  2. Reading
  3. Archiving
  4. Reflecting
  5. Participating

He goes into more detail and it's worth the read1, but these steps fit nicely with the three general steps I have in mind for students while working as self-directed learning in the science classroom:

  1. Selection (choosing learning goals, identifying resources to help meet those goals, content selection)
  2. Performance (working towards learning goals & mastery of content)
  3. Assessment (primarily self- & peer-assessments)
  4. Repeat

This process is surrounded by Monitoring, or self-assessing ones progress, identifying weaknesses, and focusing on strengths. I feel Scott's ideas flesh out how technology might interface with my ideas here. Details are still pretty fuzzy, but my neurons are firing happily when I think about it- telling me it must be on the right path.

2. David Warlick: A Few Shifts I See Happening

The venerable Mr. Warlick lays this down:

Shifts in Education
Not that we stop doing one and replace it with the other.  This is not a dicomedy
F r o m T o
• Classroom/Workshop Learning (time/place-based)
Network Learning
• Institution Dependent Learning Independent (self-directed) Learning
• Literacy Learning Literacy
• Lifelong Learning Skills Learning Lifestyle

Right now I'm on solidly the left, frustrated because I want to work my way more to the right, but not able to make much progress because of time and commitment constraints. If I could only take a month sabbatical or two to really hash these things out...


  1. Scott also provides a link to a presentation he gave recently that relates to all this. I haven't had a chance to sit down and check it out yet (I will), but I already recommend it. I'm sure it's worth it. Also check out his blog. (back)