Whiteboards of the future?

Another education design idea I'd put in the "really?" category (along with the multi-touch desks I commented on earlier):

Flexboards! Interactive whiteboards that don't need an LCD projector to work, and include a workspace! While just a design concept, their description page at TheGreenerGrass.org has some silly things on it (IMHO).

While I'd agree that mobile interactive whiteboards that don't require an LCD projector to function are likely to be useful in the future, the way TheGreenerGrass describes them strikes me as a little odd:

By configuring groups of these boards together in multiple ways, many of the learning modalities can be accommodated in addition to lecture...

and then:

Missing from the traditional classroom is collaborative work. By getting out of their seats and working in groups, students experience a visual way of learning that teaches them the creative problem solving techniques they need as professionals.

and still more:

Teachers can use Flexboards to create a small space within their classroom for one-on-one instruction, or a small breakout space with additional media such as special audio-visual aids.

So...a major selling point will be their role as room dividers? I'm sure district budgets will have space for at least five or six of these per room. Srsly.


Images from "Flexboards Remake the Classroom" at TheGreenerGrass.org via NOTCOT.org