New York City and The Google

I might not be quite the Google-ite others are, but I do use a good number of their tools, and I think their corporate structure and culture might have some lessons for the education world. As a result, I decided I'd like to see the Google in action at the Google Teacher Academy in NYC this November. I'm not counting on being selected, but I figured I couldn't pass up the chance.

I've put in my application, which included producing my own 1 minute long video- something I've never done before. I'm pretty happy with the results¹, although it's certainly a long way from being professional. I'd call it a good first attempt at film making.

Here it is, my acting, screenwriting, producing, and editorial debut:

Let me know what you think.


¹ Upon searching for other applicants videos (which I did only after finishing my video), I saw lots of pandering to Google by focusing on how cool Google tools are. I hope that's not a major requirement, since the only Google-y things in my video are the brief screenshots of Reader and YouTube. Oh well. If they're looking for panderers, then I'm not going to be their guy anyway.