Discovering regional differences (a.k.a. my first tropical storm)

One thing I was excited about upon moving out of Michigan, the state where I've lived for 99.2% of my life¹, is discovering the little regional differences that gives each place its true character. It's the things you wouldn't necessarily pick up as a tourist passing through for a few days that are more fun. So far there's been the unsurprising (the large number of seafood shacks), and the more surprising (finding that wearing polos with the collar popped isn't done by a large segment of the population, not just preppy frat boys; finding wearing dock shoes without socks is cool, etc.).

One of the more obvious differences is the possibility of tropical storms/hurricanes. However, Connecticut is pretty far up the coast, and upon doing a little research, I found only 9 storms have ever reached Connecticut as hurricanes since 1856; only one within the last 25 years. And while tropical storms are a little more likely than hurricanes, the last time one affect CT was when Floyd came through in 1999, nine years ago. The image below shows all hurricanes (red), tropical storms (yellow) and tropical depressions (green) to affect New London county in the last 50 years.
Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, & Tropical Depressions near New London County, CT since 1958

Tonight Tropical Storm Hanna will blow through CT, with the center of circulation coming quite close to my location (see map from Google Earth below). I'm finding myself strangely excited to get a chance to experience a tropical storm- something I feel somewhat guilty for, since people are suffering through some property damage, power outages, and probable injuries as a result of Hanna already. A tropical storm is just so different from any type of weather we'd get in the Mid-West, that I find myself looking forward to the new experience.

I'm tempted to throw on a rain slicker and some goggles and head down to the beach Jim Cantore-style as Hanna blows through (I won't really).

Historic Hurricane Tracks from NOAA Coastal Services Center
Hanna's Projected Path from Google Earth

¹ That is: 353 of my 356 months of existence.