Maslow's hierarchy of sorts

The Setting

  • Where: Small classroom
  • When: 6 hours (with a one hour lunch break)
  • Environment: 15 other new hires
  • Format: professional development lecture supported by PowerPoint
    • PPT format: 87 slides. White background. Black text. Bullets. Bullets. Bullets. Text. Text. Text.

Maslow's (modified) Hierarchy of Needs

If I don't have access to my room, colleagues who I'm supposed to be teaching, or any knowledge about what material to start with when I'll have real students sitting in my class on Thursday (it's Monday today), it doesn't matter how well-planned or effective the professional development, it's not going to be my focus.

The Update

I did get keys to my room today, managed to talk to one colleague who is teaching the same class for 5 to 10 minutes, and have a rough idea of where they start. I'm pretty sure I have enough information to make it through the first couple of days. By then I should be okay. But seriously...are they thinking when they plan professional development all. dern. day. for new hires?