Making out

Here's a sign that's being posted in the stairwells of my school:

No Makeout Zone

This sign would be so much better without the threat. It could come across as a humorous reminder to not suck face in public spaces. Instead, this sign is just being asked to be torn off the wall. I'm tempted to do it every time I see it. I suppose I can be a little oppositional at times- but so can our students. Not to mention the threat of a blue slip (read: detention) smacks of an authoritarian environment instead of a caring one.

Here are my entrants into the "No Making-Out" poster category:


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Kisses & Hugs

Image sources: Kisses, Hugs


I believe these still get the point across but in a light-hearted, humorous way. Whaddya think? Anyone else have any good hallway signs?