Interesting Finds, Vol. 2 (dy/dan edition)

Forgoing the list of several items, this item deserves a post of its own.

Dan Meyer has posted his entire geometry curriculum online for everyone to see. He included his presentations in PowerPoint, Keynote, and .pdf format, and has .pdfs for all of his handouts. In my opinion, this takes some real huevos (if you know what I mean). He's opening himself up to major criticism on things he's obviously spent hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of hours creating. I'm not even really into geometry that much, yet I spent a couple hours perusing his stuff (and thinking it quite good, by the way). For all the criticism he may have received over the years for not giving homework or being to much of a smart alec, regardless of your feelings you've got to give him some high marks for throwing his stuff out there for anyone to use.

This raises the obvious question: Why isn't everyone doing this? I realize not all teachers have the digital know-how to post their creations online, but it seems like an obvious thing to do. It makes me feel silly for not doing it.

I've created lots of material for classes in the last six years, and am constantly working on more. Perhaps I should work on finding a way to share more of that to the world.

Dan: I'm awed by your openness and dedication to sharing your knowledge with the rest of the teaching community. Bravo!