I don't read enough

Deborah Meier believes that many people heading school reform outlets "have not read more than one or two of the 100 books I recommended at the end of 'In Schools We Trust.'"

I've read some Deborah Meier (The Power of Their Ideas), but I'm not familiar with her list of 100 recommended books. In fact, upon thinking of it- and I'm embarrassed to even mention this- I've never read a book by John Dewey. I've read books about Dewey's ideas. I've read countless articles that reference his ideas. I'm quite familiar with his ideas and yet I've never read what he's actually written.

Can I really say I understand Dewey without reading his works? How much am I missing by not reading his own words?

Now I'm wondering how many other influential ideas I've only ever gotten secondhand. I'm feeling suddenly unprepared pushing for change at my school.