Career numbers

My attempt at a sentimental "goodbye" to my students at Whitmore Lake:

My career stats

(I had students guess what each stat was for)


The number of different courses I've taught here.

8 courses



The number of teachers I've worked alongside for the past 6 years.

34 teacher names



The number of students I've had in my classes.

822 Smiling Faces



The number of school days I've taught.

1062 Days



Miles away my new school is from Whitmore Lake High School.

Around the lake 163 times

Which is equal to running around Whitmore Lake 163 times.

From WL to CT



The percentage of my career to date I have left at Whitmore Lake

0.18% Chart


At this point I launched into a sentimental moment of which I'll save you the details. I really will miss this job. I'll miss this school. I'll miss the staff. I'll miss the community. I'll miss the students. I wouldn't be the teacher I am without the opportunities and challenges this position has given me. I will always look back at this position fondly. It served as a personal proving ground, a testing ground for new ideas, and a sounding board for concerns. I've made some excellent friends that I'll miss horribly and it's helped me successfully transition from newbie to knowledgeable.


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