Awesome Video of the Week, Vol. 1

In addition to my interesting finds series, I'm starting this series which will include a video of something I found compelling, awesome, or interesting each week. They may be videos that are educationally useful or they may just be too awesome to not share with the world.

This first video's narration is in Japanese, and I don't know what's being said, but it still fits into both of those categories: educational and awesome (crazy awesome): The Goblin Shark

Besides the immediate (for me) connection between the Goblin Shark and the alien from the Alien movie series, this video can lead to some interesting discussions in a science classroom. Why did this species of shark evolve its special jaw mechanism? What type of terrain/environment/other factors led this crazy jaw mutation to be selected over the more standard type of shark jaw?

Taken further, this could lead into students "designing" their own crazy creatures, with the caveat that whatever crazy appendages or features their creatures have must be defended with an explanation of how these specific mutations would provide the creatures with evolutionary advantages over other animals competing for resources in the same ecosystem. You might even be able to work this type of assignment into using this game, but I haven't worked out the specifics of that quite yet.