A hole in the(ir) filter (logic)

I officially addressed the rest of the school improvement team with my concerns over the draconian level of filtration at my school. I essentially said something like, "We're charged with educating students for the 21st Century, yet we're telling them they can't use the tools of the 21st century. We're missing a major opportunity to educate these students on how to use these tools."

Initially there was no response. About 15 minutes later, after the discussion had moved on, a student piped in describing how YouTube could enhance his Physics class. Teachers brought up the fact that you could simply use VTunnel.com to get around the filters.¹ Further, they pointed out that all the students know about VTunnel, and if a teacher doesn't know how to use it, they could ask one of their students to help them with it.


Why am I meeting resistance over this filtering issue? If there's a hole in the filter that everyone knows about and everyone is using, why don't we just adjust the filters appropriately?

Are my logic circuits out of whack? Is there a point to extremely tight filtration if most people know a somewhat reliable way to circumvent the filter?


¹ VTunnel doesn't work from my school computer for whatever reason. It's blocked. Some teachers also mentioned that it tends to be unreliable. It'll work some days but not others, which keeps me from hopping on VTunnel with my students to utilize blocked sites. If it was totally reliable, I'd so already be there.