A free conference!

The K12 Online Conference 2008 is revving up to start on October 13 and running through November 1st. I was unable to participate in the 2007 edition due to time issues, and have heard very little but good about the whole process.

They've just posted the schedule for 2008, so I urge you to check it out. Unlike typical conferences, you can choose just to dip into what areas interest you. If you don't like any of the topics for a couple days, don't participate! If you have a big social event planned one of the nights, they're all archived for later viewing! And best of all (especially coming on the day when I was denied funding for EduCon 2.1¹), it's free. 

I'm interested to see what ideas people will be sharing and excited to get an opportunity to interact with other individuals from around the world.


¹ In no way am I meaning to knock EduCon, or the fact that it costs money. I'm just a bit disappointed my district doesn't see it as valuable for my own professional development. We'll have to review personal finances to see if it's in our budget...